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Exercise Book from the National Institute on Aging

Know the benefits of the 4 different types of exercises from the Exercise Book published by the National Institute on Aging.

Tips on how to exercise safely can also be found in this book.

From NIA’s website  you can download, print, or order the new exercise book.  It’s free.

Exercise helps you keep doing what’s most important to you! Learn more #Fit4Function

Immunization Schedule for 2019, U.S.A.

Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States of America publish their updated recommendations for Immunization. Click the Resources button on the  top right of this page for the update.

What Does the Bible Say About Our Parents?

Some people do not care about their parents.

They’d even say that parents are obliged to care for their children but not the other way around.

They also rationalize that their obligation is only towards their own children.

The bible speaks about our parents and further instructs us that we have duties towards them.

The bible verses that follow are just a few of what’s in the Holy Book.

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Help Your Elder Get Over a Bad Day

Have you ever noticed that your elder is sometimes exhibiting a negative attitude towards practically everything?

If you noticed this change you’re not alone. Many children often complain that their mom or dad had changed and they do not understand.

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Making Mama Happy All the Time

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day.

How do you celebrate Mother”s Day?

The usual answer is ‘greet mama Happy Mother’s Day and give her a cake or a beautiful present.’ Or the family will have a get together at home or some place else. These things definitely will make mama happy.

But how do you celebrate Mother’s Day when your mother already has dementia? Will she still appreciate the Day?

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Oral Health in the Elderly

Oral health may worsen as one gets older if not properly taken cared of while still young.

According to the American Dental Association, neglecting oral care will put the elderly to an increased risk for caries, periodontal disease and infection, especially those patients with severe cognitive impairment. ( and dental health)

Furthermore, neglecting oral health may affect the general health of an individual. Since chewing and taste perception become inadequate in aging, nutrition may be compromised. (PA Razak 2014. Geriatric Oral Health: A Review Article NCBI-NIH.

Poor nutritional status can lead to general poor health condition.

Here are some facts about oral health (

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How to Choose the Proper Shoes for Granny

Proper shoes means comfortable footwear that is safe to use while walking. It should not put the elder at risk for falling.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of death from fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Improving balance therefore  is important in reducing the risk of a fall.Continue reading

Do Seniors Need to Exercise?

Do you think your grandparents or your parents are too old to exercise?

Think again.

Regular exercise and physical activity are good for them. Aging nor medical illness are not contraindications to performing exercises.

For many elders who are usually retirees, physical activities diminish because there’s nothing more to do whether at home or out. During their younger years they were always moving. Their activities were almost always automatic. But when they retired the question that runs into their minds everyday is,”What shall I do today?”

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Is Your Elder Eating Well?

Feeding an elder can pose a challenge to the caregiver.

Perhaps you have observed the gradual change in the elder’s eating habits. Whereas initially she eats with gusto and finishes her meal in her usual pace… over the years she becomes slower and slower and consumes less and less until she refuses to eat.

The challenge to the caregiver is how to feed the elder even if she refuses to eat.

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Let me tell you true stories of 2 elderly ladies.

The 1st is the story of Sarah (not her real name to protect her identity).

Sarah is 69 years old, not disabled, healthy and still strong for her age.

One morning at around 9:30 Sarah was on her way to the dining room to eat morning snacks. The dining room was only about 4 meters (about 13 feet) from where she was standing. Unfortunately she never reached the dining room.

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