About Melunta Parent Care

Dr. Melissa UntalanDr. Melissa Untalan or Melunta for short, is a physician, an Internist-Rheumatologist. While living in a city 100 kilometers away from her parents’ home, her ageing mother had a left hip fracture due to a fall and her father was suffering from the pain of not being able to urinate because of an enlarged prostate. Both of them were in their 80’s at that time. Her eldest sister who was already in her 60’s was the one taking care of both parents. So it was a situation where a senior takes care of the more senior ones.

Dr. Melunta felt that it’s time to take care of her parents and her older sibling. So she decided to transfer her practice to her parents’ hometown. Six years after she settled there, her sister was diagnosed to have endometrial cancer stage 4. How did Dr. Melunta manage to take care of her elders?

The 19 years of first hand caring experience had inspired Dr. Melunta to be an advocate of seniors. The www.meluntaparentcare.com was launched with the purpose of sharing the various ways of handling difficulties and challenges that may be encountered by many caregivers. Visitors of this website are encouraged to share also their caregiving experience so that everybody will learn from each other.