Making Mama Happy All the Time

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day.

How do you celebrate Mother”s Day?

The usual answer is ‘greet mama Happy Mother’s Day and give her a cake or a beautiful present.’ Or the family will have a get together at home or some place else. These things definitely will make mama happy.

But how do you celebrate Mother’s Day when your mother already has dementia? Will she still appreciate the Day?

Every Sunday, me and my brother would bring our Mama who has dementia to the shopping mall. She will be assisted by her caregiver to the car and they would be at the back seat. We also load her wheel chair in the trunk. In the mall we go around then eat in a restaurant. I could see that her eyes would brighten up each time, and then smiles a lot. She also becomes more interactive. Now this is happiness.

For us Mother’s Day is not only once a year. It can be everyday. The important thing is that we make our mama happy all the time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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