Let me tell you true stories of 2 elderly ladies.

The 1st is the story of Sarah (not her real name to protect her identity).

Sarah is 69 years old, not disabled, healthy and still strong for her age.

One morning at around 9:30 Sarah was on her way to the dining room to eat morning snacks. The dining room was only about 4 meters (about 13 feet) from where she was standing. Unfortunately she never reached the dining room.

Why is that so?

Because she fell onto the lower level. Her house had a one-step lower and upper level floors. With all her weight on the right leg, she sustained a right knee injury causing severe pain. She was brought to the hospital and fortunately x-rays showed no fractures.

The 2nd story is about Flory (not her real name).

Flory is 85 years old and with a stooped posture.

One day she was in her reading room heading towards the living room. These are two adjacent areas, but the living room is one step lower than the reading room.

So Flory who was so careful while walking did not notice that she was approaching a lower level floor. And then she fell and suffered a broken left hip.

What is common in these stories?

Both are elderly.

Both have houses with uneven floors.

Both fell while walking and were injured.

In caring for seniors, it is important to consider that their walking space is on a level floor or level ground. Most seniors are visually impaired. Their depth of perception is decreased and hence walking on uneven floor may cause injuries.

Fall prevention is cheaper than treating a fracture.

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