Many times my 97 year old Mama would wake up in the middle of the night insisting that all lights be turned on, or sometimes she just wants to keep her door wide open. At other times she says she had to leave because she’ll open her store.

Her caregiver would convince her to go back to sleep because it was still dark and morning was still hours away.

Then my Mama would get mad because she did not want to get back to sleep.

For hours she would be wide awake. And so her caregiver would also be wide awake.

This goes on every now and then… until one night, while she was in the middle of her anger, I said, “let’s sing Dios te Salve.” “Dios te Salve” is the Spanish version of “Hail Mary.”

My Mama who has dementia loves to sing and she has not forgotten this song.

So I started singing. “Dios te salve, Maria. Llena eres de gracia,” and so on…

As soon as she heard the song, she joined in singing and I lead her to repeat it several times until she falls asleep again.

I tried this many times whenever she gets angry.

I realized that this prayer song always calms her down.

It never fails.

That’s the power of prayer.

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